Q & A with Carrie Miller, Personal Running Coach

Personal Running Coach, Carrie Miller 

Personal Running Coach, Carrie Miller 

Hive Athlete and Personal Running Coach Carrie Miller shares some of her sports nutrition tips. She is a veteran of over 30 full marathons (includes 7 Boston marathons), 15 half marathons, ten 24-hour+ 200-mile team relays, and multiple 5k and 10k races.

Q:  Honey Stinger has a variety of products, what time (e.g. before, during, after) do you suggest athletes use the different products?

A: I suggest that athletes eat a Honey Stinger waffle about 30 minutes to 2 hours prior to a race or workout.  I also suggest taking a gel or a few chews right before the race or workout starts for added energy right at the beginning.  During the race/workout, chews and gels are ideal.  I love how small the chews are, making them easy to chew and manageable to take frequently.  If a workout/race happens to be long and slow, waffles could also be a good option.  For example, my husband just paced a 6:00 marathon, so taking waffles at this slower pace was great.  After the event/workout I suggest consuming a Honey Stinger Protein Bar or the new Cracker N’ Nut Butter Snack Bar!

Q: What is unique about Honey Stinger products compared to other products on the market?

A: I love Honey Stinger products compared to the competition because they use a real and natural sweeter - honey.  Products with refined sugar can cause sugar spikes and crashes, but the natural honey helps sustain energy at a high level for a longer period of time.  Additionally, there are gluten free and organic options in so many amazing flavors that taste so great that you look forward to taking them. And, they don't upset your stomach!  

Q: If someone has an evening workout, practice, or game, which Honey Stinger product(s) would be ideal to have before?

A: For evening workouts and competitions, there are caffeinated options of gels and chews to keep you firing on all levels!  Some examples include the Chocolate and the Strawberry Kiwi Energy Gels, as well as the Lime-Ade and the Cherry Cola Energy Chews.


Q: What is your favorite Honey Stinger product? And why?

A: This is a tough one because I use and love almost all of the products, and I'm not kidding! However, I'd have to go with the chews because I think they've made the biggest impact in my race performance.  For example, in a marathon or 50 mile race I take a few chews prior to the start and then about 1 chew per mile during the event.  Before I started using Honey Stinger, I would get nauseous after using the various gels on the market. I usually had to resort to not taking much of anything during the 2nd half of a race because I couldn't stomach anything else.  Using Honey Stinger Energy Chews during races has been a breakthrough in nutrition that led to better performance for me. After I used the Energy Chews to fuel my first 50 mile ultramarathon I was hooked, and there was no turning back.

Q: Fueling the body is important for an athletes  success. What is one tip you can share with athletes to fuel their best? 

A: Just because you are active does NOT mean that you can eat whatever you want.  Your body needs high-quality real, clean food to keep firing on all cylinders! Also, it's important to fuel your body within 30 minutes of working out.  Waffles, Protein Bars, and the new Cracker Bars are great for this!

Q & A with Jonathan Levitt

Are you an athlete on the go? Check out this Q & A with great tips from avid runner and traveler Jonathan Levitt. 

Jonathan is an avid runner and loves to travel. He works at InsideTracker, with endurance and professional athletes. 

Jonathan is an avid runner and loves to travel. He works at InsideTracker, with endurance and professional athletes. 

Q: What is one aspect of your nutrition routine that you have found to directly benefit your training/running?

A: I personalize my nutrition by blood analysis with InsideTracker, so I know exactly what my body needs based on how I’m training and eating. My energy level is way higher and I’m able to tolerate higher volume much better than in the past.

Q: What is your favorite snack and why?

A: A handful of nuts or piece of dark chocolate. Tasty and filling!

Q: Do you eat differently on training days versus rest days? If so, why?

A: Yes! I add some more carbohydrates and calories in general on hard days, and more iron rich foods on rest/easy days to help with iron absorption as a runner. 

Q: When you are traveling, what is one tip you can share with on-the-go athletes to stick with their eating routine?

A: BRING SNACKS! I was recently stopped by TSA and had my bags searched ahead of a two week trip to the west coast. “Do they not have food where you’re going?” they asked, because I was carrying so much with me. While the question was definitely a sarcastic one, I always plan as if there won’t be food where I’m going, and bring enough so that if I’m out and about for a few days, I won’t get hangry.

Q: If you could share on thing related to sports nutrition that all athletes should start focusing on today, what would that be?

A: Eat more. While not true for everyone, most of us are under-fueling for the amount of training we’re putting in. Every body is unique. Personalize your nutrition just like you personalize your training. Dietitians (and InsideTracker) are great resources!