Seneca 7 - Fueling Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone! I'm Molly Morgan, the founder of Fuel2Win. Today's post is specifically for an awesome running event that is taking plan in upstate New York on April 29th, the Seneca 7. I have been lucky enough to run on a team three years in a row and have been runner 1, 4, and 7 - each leg equally challenging and fun.

As a sports dietitian, I can say from a evidence-based perspective there are definitely do's and don't's to surviving your journey around the lake and from running the event three times, there are practical considerations that play into these recommendations as well. The day moves along so fast so it is key to have a team game plan as it relates to what you are going to eat to fuel your team for 77.7 miles around beautiful Seneca Lake. 

First: You must plan ahead. There will be very little time between transitions to stop or get anything along the way. Also the route can get pretty congested at points so having what you need with you is best. Good news! If you arriving in town the night before and stop into Wegman's, which is a great grocery store (if you're not familiar) and will have a wide variety of items for you to stock up!

Second: Never try something new on the day of an event. If you are thinking of bringing along a new product to have during the event, try in first in a training run to know how you will feel! Focus on having foods that you know YOU can tolerate. For example, if bananas give you indigestion - bring along a different kind of fruit for quick energy!

Third: You will not have much down time between your legs of the event so, as soon as you can tolerate eating and drinking after you run, do!

Fourth: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day - but don't over do it - it is all about balance. Listen to your body, if you are thirsty, sip more fluids to maintain hydration levels. If you are a heavy sweater or if you are running longer legs of the event, consider having a sports drink or electrolyte beverage to help maintain fluid stores. 

If you have other fueling questions, contact us and I will be happy to answer your sports nutrition question to help your team. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

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