Q & A with Rob Baxter, Owner of BX Training

Rob Baxter is owner of  BX Training  in Binghamton, NY. 

Rob Baxter is owner of BX Training in Binghamton, NY. 

Q: In your experience in training athletes, what is one nutrition mistake you see commonly made?

A: Something I commonly see with many athletes I work with is simple lack of discipline in regard to eating for performance. Maintaining the consistency required to properly fuel their body can be a significant challenge for most. 

Excuses are commonplace and must be eliminated to be successful. Basic honest self analysis works best. I often challenge my athletes to ask themselves one simple question, “do my habits reflect my goals?” 

Eating well balanced, planned out meals (preferably at pre determined meal times) each day is crucial to not only feeling & playing strong but also a key component to staying healthy throughout a long season. 

Q: Have you observed that well-fueled athletes meet their training goals quicker? Can you share any examples?

A: Well-fueled athletes are more likely to not only meet their training goals quicker, but also possess the ability to maintain a higher level of performance more consistently. Their bodies also hold up throughout the grind and bounce back quicker for the following practice/game.. as soon as one is over, the intelligent athlete will begin to prepare his body for the next session thru treatment, nutrition & rest. 

A few years ago, I trained Kevin Jones following his senior year at West Virginia in preparation for the NBA Draft process. This is a high pressured process where an athlete will travel from city to city working out for various NBA Organizations. Within a 30 day period, Kevin probably went to 20 different teams and performing his best at each workout was obviously very important. In preparation for such a grueling physical, mental and emotional run we did our best to integrate skill work, strength work, nutrition, hydration and recovery into our overall 60 day training program with Kevin. His hard work, dedication & discipline paid off later that year as he made the Cleveland Cavaliers as an undrafted rookie. Kevin’s desire to be great and willingness to put in the work to do so is the reason he is now a professional, while also being remembered as one of the most productive players in West Virginia and Big East history. 

Q: If you could give athletes one thing to focus on with nutrition, what would it be?

A: A few years ago I was hired to train the Monmouth University Men’s basketball team for the entire Spring semester in preparation for a summer trip to China where they would visit the country and compete against some of their top professional teams. 

The number one thing I tried to accomplish aside from the physical aspect of the program was to instill proper hydration techniques along with post workout recovery shake and meal consumption. Each player was given a precise plan of what was required of them to intake on a daily basis as well as the most important time to eat/drink etc.  We were significantly challenging these young men physically.. we needed them to give their very best each day in order to get the desired results.. therefore it was crucial that each of them was getting appropriate nutrition, hydration and rest. 

Q: What is a tip you can share with parents of youth athletes related to food? 

A: My advice to parents of young athletes is to hire a registered dietitian to assess your son/daughter and provide an “Eat to WIN” plan of attack. This will insure their needs are being met daily in regard to nutrition. There are so many factors to be considered such as age, gender, body composition, training/tournament frequency, overall weight loss/weight gain goals, etc etc. Having a professionally designed plan to meet your child’s individual nutritional needs as an athlete can be the difference not only in performance, but more importantly with general health and wellness. 


The BX Training Philosophy: As a training organization, our primary goal is to provide athletes with the most complete and professional program for personal and performance enhancement. We train each individual person to become the best possible athlete that they are capable of becoming. For more on BX Training or to contact Rob visit: http://www.bxplayer.com/index.html